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"Mr. Stud" 2024 Calendar Submissions!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Hello everyone! We are starting up our first blog as a "Mr. Studly" Calendar contest featuring your boys for 2024! We hope to feature articles of scientific data pertaining to canine reproduction and interviews from reputable sources.

Requirements for Photo Submissions: Photos are judged on composition, simplicity, balance, contrast and appeal. The funnier the photo, the better! You are open to feature the personality and quirkiness of your stud dog! Images must be good quality that represent the breed well and focus on the dog. Photos must be in color, sharply focused, horizontal and at least 8 MB with approval from the photographer for use. That means no cell phone photos (this is for the best outcome, showcasing how beautiful your dogs are). Submissions will be evaluated and decided by November 1! Please email us if you would prefer to mail a physical photo. You may upload them here or email us a copy. We will announce the winners and the months pertaining to the photo once decided. The winners will receive a free calendar in the mail or pick up at a show.

Now, show us your "STUDYLY DO-RIGHTS" and good luck!

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