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Semen Collecting


Long Term Storing

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Semen Freezing


Fresh Chilled Semen Shipping


CASA Semen Evaluations


Progesterone Testing

Our services* include collecting, evaluating, freezing, shipping and storing of canine semen.  Our mobile laboratory unit will travel to shows, bringing this service to the dog, adding convenience to our clients.


Our Evaluations...
the printouts we provide will be given at the time of collections and will explain, in detail, the motility and morphology of the sample.  It will also show the total number of sperm cells and provide dosages for number of breedings collected at that time.  This document can be shared with your veterinarian and prospective breeding partners.

we ship Nationally internationally via FedEx or ups and can overnight fresh-chilled in our boxes or we can ship frozen in our Dewar shipping containers directly to the facility of your choice.  We follow up with shipments to ensure they arrive and are accounted for by the receiver.


Freezing & Storage...

the semen collected will be evaluated first, and if the client decides the collection is suitable for freezing and storing, we prepare it for freezing in straws.  Straws are used world-wide and for many years have been the industry leader in preservation.  Each straw is labeled with your dog's name and registration number and date collected to ensure intended breedings.

DNA Kits...

we have available on site the kits required for AKC litter registrations for puppies born via frozen semen.  The kits are available for us to do a cheek swab and we can mail in to AKC.  Please note, AKC will charge you $50 to register the results.

*Legal Disclaimer:  We are not a veterinary service...we do not offer healthcare advice and the materials we provide are for educational and informative purposes only.
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