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More than 30 years ago, Nature’s Farmacy was first-to-market with its ground-breaking organic, high-potency probiotics for dogs. Since then, their commitment to sustainability and ingredient integrity has set them apart in the competitive show dog community.

Now you can treat your dog like a star with Nature’s Farmacy’s robust lines of the highest quality holistic animal supplements and wellness products in the world.

They source Organic and Non-GMO ingredients whenever possible.  A majority of their ingredients are sourced in the USA and originally formulated to satisfy our their quality levels and personal animals supplementation needs.  They are one of the only US companies to offer Probiotics to Companion animals.

We are pleased to offer their line-up of items in our show booth and on our website.  We try to offer every item in sizes most requested while at the shows, but if we do not stock the size of the items in our show booth, we will have it ship direct from the manufacturer, or if you request the order ahead of time, we can bring it to a show near you to save shipping costs.

~Thank you!

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