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Our Services

Red Hills Repro is a member of CSS (Certified Semen Services) and the NAAB (National Association of Animal Breeder) and follows their health testing guidelines.

Red Hills Repro is proud of offer our mobile freezing laboratory that is meticulously kept sanitized and fully outfitted with a cell freezer, shipping tanks, a world-renowned CASA (computer assisted semen analysis) system which accuately counts semen, grades motility, morphology and kinematics of healthy semen.  We offer this equipment that allows our experienced staff to provide quality and thorough semen evaluations prior to freezing.

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Semen is collected using the electro-ejaculation method,  We have chosen this method to have a more controlled 'on the farm' experience and ensure safety to our staff.  This method is reliable and can be an alternative method used with bulls who are young, or for those who cannot mount, or are too fractious for easy handling.

Semen Collecting

All of our collections are evaluated 'on the spot' at the site of collection. It will then be frozen at our office and stored at our facility in Thomasville, Georgia.  We can ship and/or receive semen from anywhere in the world.  

Freezing & Storing

Our well trained staff offers AI services on site, using the semen we have collected and stored, what you have on site or had shipped to us for insemination. We use the fixed timed artificial insemination protocol. This method includes the GnRH, Prostraglandin, 7 day CIDR and artificial insemination. 

Artificial Insemination

CASA Semen Analysis

Our software is what sets us apart from other semen collectors, as we can give you a full automated report on site of the true aspects of semen collected, including counts, morphology and motility. We will take the semen to our office to freeze following the CSS protocols and perform a post-thaw analysis of the semen after freezing. 


We have access to agents that can assist with sexing calves.  This can be of great benefit to the farmer to pick and choose the gender of their offspring.It is reported that use of sexed semen gives 80-90% accuracy as compared to conventional semen straws where male: female ratio is about 50:50. 

Sexed Semen

Our staff is currently being trained in embryo transfer and hope to offer this service one day soon.Approximately seven days after insemination, the embryos are non-surgically collected, or "flushed" from the donor cow's uterus. At this stage of the process, the embryos will either be transferred fresh into a recipient cow, or frozen until future use.

Embryo Flush,  Transfer & Freezing

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