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Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) Systems



Objective & reliable measurement Accuracy and repeatability Traceability
Multiparameters Decision-making tool

Software Overview Interactive Illumination Check



Key benefits

Automated morphology

Dose calculation:

Concentration Extender volume Number of doses

Automated heated stage * Fluorescence *
Redesigned graphical user interface Intuitive navigation

High-speed digital camera:

Superior image quality






Analysis Results Real time Updating

Analysis results and dose calculation are updated in real time as each field is added to the analysis.

Full Field Playback

User-definable. Selecting a thumbnail image from the gallery opens the captured video. The video may be replayed in full or you may scroll through, frame by frame.

Zoom Cell Playback

Selecting a track from the playback image opens up a zoomed image of the tracked cell. Kinematic measurements are displayed relative only to the selected track.

Cell Morphometry
and Automated Morphology

The software also provides cell morphometry values, including head length, width, perimeter and area. It also identifies automatically:

- Distal droplets
- Proximal droplets
- Distal Midpiece Reflexes - Coiled tails
- Bent tails

Measured and Calculated Parameters

Counts, concentration
and percentages
Total, static, motile, progressive and slow cells


Extender volume Final volume Number of doses


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